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Symphony of the Redwoods Bring-a-Parent Project

As part of Symphony of the Redwoods' mission to provide classical music experiences for coastal youth, all students 18 years and under are admitted free to Symphony orchestra concerts. The Bring-a-Parent Project also allows free admission to an adult (parent, grandparent, teacher, adult friend or relative) when accompanied by one or more students 18 or under. Download a free pass or pick one up at the Will Call table at Symphony concerts.

El Proyecto de Traer-un-Padre de la Sinfonía de los Arboles Rojos

Como parte de la misión de la Sinfonía de los ´Arboles Rojos (Symphony of the Redwoods) para proveer experiencias de música clásica para los jóvenes de la costa, todos los estudiantes de 18 años o menos, se admiten gracias a los conciertos de las orquesta de la Sinfonía. El Proyecto de Traer-un-Padre (Bring-a-Parent Project) también da admisión gratis a un adulto (padre, abuelo, maestro, amigo adulto o pariente) cuando acompañado por uno o más estudiantes de 18 años o menos de edad. "Download" un pase gratis o busque uno en la mesa de "Will Call" en los conciertos de la Sinfonía.

At a past concerts…..

- Photos by Larry Wagner

Emily Berna with parents Zoé and Michael Berna Emily plays the violin and her mother is in the orchestra.
Colin and Olivier Miclea Colin especially enjoyed the last passage that guest violinist Yevgeny Kutik played. Olivier also enjoyed the concert, and their mother Marinela Miclea said she talks to her sons ahead of time to help them appreciate the music.
Zola McGraw and father Jeff McGraw Zola liked the drum tapping and said she is partial to drums since her grandfather plays them. She also liked watching the conductor and how he ramped up the orchestra.
Kimi Oliveira with granddaughter Chloe Oliveira and grandson Marcus Oliveira
Marcus plays piano under the tutelage of Lynn Kiesewetter and liked the solo violinist Yevgeny Kutik.

Take advantage of the Bring-a-Parent Project!

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